Board of Adjustment/Appeals appointments on city agenda, needed to make quorum for North 40 variance request

There are two vacancies on the city’s Board of Adjustment/Appeals and without filling those spots, North 40 Outfitters’ request for a variance can’t move forward.

Three residents applied for those vacancies and the City Commission is being asked to make the appointments during tonight’s meeting.

The applicants are Joe McMillen, Aspen Northerner and Kelly Buschmeyer.

City staff has interviewed all of the applicants and deemed them qualified and is asking the commission to appoint two for three-year terms through Sept. 30, 2021.

North 40 applies for variances to city code, Board of Adjustment hearing to be scheuled

Two board members had terms that ended Sept. 30, 2018 and one had stepped down from the board and the other moved away from Great Falls.

The board has five members who are appointed by the City Commission. The board hears and decides appeals regarding zoning, housing and building codes and ordinances; hears and decides requests for variances from standards set forth in zoning ordinances; hears and decides all matters referred to it regarding zoning, housing and building ordinances.

City code requires that its members live within the city limits and the International Building Code requires that the members be qualified by experience and training to pass on matters pertaining to building construction. The International Mechanical Code requires requires the board membership to include registered design professionals with structural engineering, electrical engineering and architectural experience.

Continuing members of the Board of Adjustment are Jule Stuver, Kyle Palagi and Krista Smith.

A Board of Adjustment meeting is scheduled for Oct. 4 to consider a variance request from North 40 Outfitters related to their plans for a second location at the former KMart and Big Bear property.

Without the appointments, that meeting, and the project, will be delayed.