Park district assessment to be set during Tuesday commission meeting

City Commissioners are scheduled to finalize the park district during their Sept. 4 meeting and officially set the levy for the first year.

Commissioners are scheduled to hold a public hearing Tuesday on the park district assessment.

The cost of planned improvements for the first three years of the park district is $1.5 million annually.

City to set public hearing on park district assessment

The city has opted to use the taxable value method under state law to assess the citywide park district and the annual assessment for a $100,000 property is an estimated $22.92.

Commissioners approved a resolution in June to create the district, after voters approved it on the May ballot.

Under state law, the city must annually prepare a work plan, budget and estimated expenses for the services to be performed in the district. The commission must specify the method of assessment.

The park district funds, according to the city, will be used for:

  • maintenance, repair, replacement, upkeep, installation, improvements, operation enhancement, construction, acquisition of land;
  • implementation of measures required to maintain public health and safety or meet legal or regulatory requirements;
  • purchase, replace and/or maintain equipment, tools or vehicles used to carry out the functions described herein; and/or
  • other functions, labor, supplies and/or materials necessary for management and maintenance of city-owned facilities, lands, and equipment under the responsibility and care of the City of Great Falls Park and Recreation Department including but not limited to:
    • public parks and park areas (as described in the City of Great Falls Park and Recreation Master Plan), recreation facilities, trails, open space, urban forest, medians, boulevards, pathways, sidewalks, public easements, and other facilities which are located in the city limits and/or are owned by the City.

The park district’s revenue may not be used for programming.

The city expects to have the first half of the first year funds in December and to begin contracting for next summer’s projects.

The planned projects for 2019 include:

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