Corner of Watson Coulee and Vaughn roads getting facelift with new development

Another area of town is getting a facelift in the near future.

A-Jay Concrete is planning a new headquarters building at 1715 Vaughn Road, which is currently a truck wash building.

The city’s Design Review Board is reviewing the project on Monday.

The project includes construction of office and warehouse space where several trucks will be housed during non-operating hours, according to the staff report.

City staff are recommending approval of the project.

The project includes expanding the existing truck wash building on a portion of a 3.12 acre parcel.

The total project boundary for the expanded truck wash building and required site improvements is about 1.3 acres.

A-Jay Concrete

Site map. City of Great Falls map.

The total square footage of the building addition is proposed to be 7,286 square feet, which will give the business a total of 11,665 square feet under roof.

The property is currently zoned M-2 Mixed Use Transitional.

A contemporary architectural design is proposed for the building addition with dark gray, dark bronze corrugated metal siding and Galvalume metal roofing.

The site plan includes two new curb cuts off Watson Coulee Road and the main curb cut is wider than the allowable width because of the nature of the truck use, according to the city engineer. Because of the wider curb cut, landscaping has been increased around the project site and a looped drive within the project will help vehicular circulation for service trucks and commercial trucks using the truck wash and providing access to parking, according to the staff report.

Because of the industrial area, the city is not requiring a boulevard sidewalk, but the owner will repair the curb and gutter along Watson Coulee Road, according to the staff report.

City code requires one parking stall per employee for warehouses and the site plans show six total parking spaces, one of which is ADA accessible.

Because the site will have impervious surfaces of more than 15,000 square feet, the developer is required to submit a storm water management plan that complies with the city’s Storm Design Manual and city standards. The plan has to be reviewed and approved by the Public Works department before a building permit will be issued.

The site plan includes two storm water detention areas on the eastern end of the parcel to provide storage and water quality treatment, according to the staff report. A drainage swale along the east side of the site will provide additional treatment.

Code requires 10 percent of offstreet vehicular use areas to be landscaped with trees, shrubs and/or turf grass. The submitted plans meet the requirements and the detention ponds will be lined with rock mulch on the bottom with dryland turf mix used on the slopes.

The applicant is proposing 16 interior trees in addition to 109 shrubs and perennials for the site, significantly improving the site, according to city staff.

Site signage will be considered under a separate application.