County to consider final plat of two lots; commissioners contest usefulness of hearing at this stage

On Tuesday, County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on final plat of a minor subdivision off Highwood Drive with two residential lots of 10.008 acres each.

The commission approved the preliminary plat in July and the applicant has met all the conditions of approval for the lots off Fox Farm Road, according to planning staff.

Commissioner Joe Briggs said the public hearing on the final plat was required because of a law change in the 2017 Legislature.

He and Commissioner Jane Weber had strong words about the requirement and said they’d bring up the issue in the upcoming legislative session.

The public hearing is a “total waste,” Briggs said. “There’s nothing to discuss. What is there to hear?”

Weber said she didn’t expect any members of the public to attend or speak during the public hearing, but hearings require public notices and those are a cost to developers and local governments.