Pod where riot occurred in Cascade County jail was nearly double capacity

Officials are still investigating Saturday’s riot at the Cascade County Adult Detention Center that involved 43 inmates.

Sheriff Bob Edwards said in a Monday release that multiple felony charges are expected at the end of the initial investigation.

Riot at Cascade County jail involved 43 inmates

The facility lock down has been lifted except for the pod where the riot occurred and the inmates involved.

City responds to sheriff’s restriction on admissions to Cascade County jail

Edwards expects damages to the facility to total at least $10,000.

Edwards said that as of 8 a.m. Monday morning the jail population was 488.

The N Pod has 14 cells and is designed to hold 28 inmates, according to jail officials.

On Saturday, it had 55 but jail staff moved six people out earlier in the morning.

The pod where the riot occurred had a mix of inmates and they are out of their cells in general population from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., according to jail officials.

Jail officials said the inmates involved in the riot were frustrated that some inmates were being moved into other areas of the jail, causing the riot.

The last time the county sent SWAT in to control a riot was about 20 years ago, jail staff told The Electric.

Jail population decreasing, still overcrowded

The facility’s capacity is 360, with 150 of those contracted beds for the Montana State Prison. Last week, Edwards announced he would not accept new non-violent misdemeanor offenders due to overcrowding.

Edwards limits jail admissions due to overcrowding

There were no injuries to staff or inmates other than irritation caused by pepper spray.

Charges have not yet been filed. Repairs to the facility could come from the jail or public works budget since it was an unanticipated expense, according to county officials, but no budget amendments have yet been made.