County releases costs related to Trump rally

President Trump’s visit last week cost the county $17,585.35.

The rally at Expo Park cost the county $39,319 in expenses for staffing, operations, and other costs, mostly for the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office, public works and Expo Park.

The county made $21,734 in revenue from the visit through concessions and facility rental at Expo Park.

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These figures are specific to Cascade County costs and the city had not yet released their costs related to the campaign rally on July 5.

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Here’s the chart of expenses provided by Cascade County.

Department Purpose Costs
Public Works Personnel Costs $10,300.95
Public Works Equipment $2,212.55
Sheriff Personnel Costs $10,234.61
Sheriff Miscellaneous Expenses $4,075.58
IT Personnel Costs $82.20
IT Internet Use and Network Transport $286.42
Expo Park – Concessions Personnel Costs $1,696.68
Expo Park -Concession Cost of Goods (Food/Drink) $4,652.34
Expo Park Contracted Services (Securitas) $3,656.15
Expo Park – Management Personnel Costs $1,911.44
Expo Park – Rental Services Golf Carts $115.00
Expo Park Water for Volunteers $96.00
Total Expenses   $39,319.92

Here’s the chart of revenues at Expo Park as provided by Cascade County:

Department Activity Income
Expo Park Concession Sales – water and pop $12,243.00
Expo Park Facility Rental Fee $6,000.00
Expo Park Stage, Bleachers, Manlift, Bike Rack,

Pipe & Drape, IT, Caution Tape, etc.

Total Income   $21,734.57

Here’s the chart of volunteers and donated services for the event, as provided by Cascade County:

Department Total Volunteers
Teton County Sheriff Deputies 2
Chouteau County Sheriff Deputies 2
Lewis & Clark County Sheriff Deputies 15
CERT Volunteers 10
Total Number of Volunteers 29