Code change to public drinking ordinance on tonight’s agenda

Commissioners will consider an update to the city ordinance that currently prohibits drinking or displaying alcoholic beverages in public places without city-issued permits.

The current ordinance provides exceptions to the prohibitions for certain areas of Centene Park and the Civic Center.

City considers code change related to pedlets

The ordinance under consideration during Tuesday’s City Commission meeting would allow businesses that maintain a valid sidewalk café permits to serve, and have customers consume, alcoholic beverages within the visibly designated sidewalk café area.

The sidewalk café permit is free.

On May 15, the commission heard a first reading of the proposed ordinance and there was no public comment on the change.

The issue came up since the Business Improvement District has been using pedlets for some downtown businesses.

The pedlets are sidewalk extensions into public parking spaces that allow for continued pedestrian traffic, while allowing businesses to provide outdoor seating on public sidewalks.

Downtown in need of more pedlet grant applications

Two downtown businesses are using pedlets, the Mighty Mo Brewing Company and Enbar. Those businesses sell alcoholic beverages for consumption and are required to maintain a sidewalk café permit.

Staff is proposing the ordinance change to eliminate confusion and be consistent with current practice.