Cascade County primary election results

These are the 11:27 p.m. updated primary election results. This is the last update for the night.

A total of 20,184 ballots were cast in Cascade County during the primary. There are 25 provisional ballots left to be counted, but those will not be counted until Monday after county election officials validate those people haven’t voted elsewhere.

Cascade County Races

The top vote getter from each party moves to the November ballot.

County Commission, District 3

Jane Weber (D): 9,005

Joshua Eli (R): 3,283

Dominick Snell (R): 1,442

George Schultz (R): 2,369


Bob Rosipal (R): 7,322

Jesse Slaughter (D): 5,587

George Kynett (D): 800

Bob Edwards (D): 4,047


Jamie Bailey (R): 3,803

Diane Heikkila (R): 3,905

Mary Swenson (D): 8,739

Public Administrator

Gerald Boland, Democrat: 6,381

Joe Trainer: 2,513

County Attorney

Josh Racki, Democrat: 8,730

Clerk and Recorder

Rina Fontana Moore, Democrat: 9,204

Congressional Races

U.S. Senate

Jon Tester (D): 9,894

Russ Fagg (R): 1,938

Matt Rosendale (R): 2,767

Troy Downing (R): 2,229

Albert Olszewski (R): 2,192

Steve Kelly (G): 39

Timothy Adams (G): 25

U.S. House

Greg Gianforte (R): 8,270

Lynda Moss (D): 451

Jared Pettinato (D): 205

Kathleen Williams (D): 3,444

John Heenan (D): 3,444

Grant Kier (D): 1,726

John Meyer (D): 384

Doug Campbell (G): 64

State Races

Public Service Commission, District 1

Doug Kaercher (D): 8,612

Cory McKinney (R): 1,334

Randy Pinocci (R): 3,755

Mark Wicks (R): 969

Rob Cook (R): 2,057