CDBG annual action plan on Tuesday’s commission agenda

Commissioners will consider the Annual Action Plan for the Community Development Block Grant program during Tuesday’s meeting.

The vote comes at the end of a 30-day comment period and the plan must be electronically submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development by June 16 in order for the city to continue receiving CDBG and HUD funds.

Commissioners approve funding priorities for Great Falls CDBG program

In May, commissioners approved the funding priorities that had been recommended by staff:

  • 50 percent, or about $622,000, for public improvements and includes that at a minimum, 20 percent, or about $249,000, of the total annual budget must be specifically allocated to retrofit ADA access projects.;
  • 45 percent, or about $560,000, for residential housing rehabilitation;
  • 5 percent, or about $62,000 for public services, which includes projects focused on homelessness services, senior services, or alcohol and drug treatment. All projects in this category must be new and/or expanding services that benefit low to moderate income individuals.

In order to receive HUD funding, a jurisdiction must submit a five-year Consolidated Plan that is updated annually with an action plan containing the proposed use of CDBG and HOME funds.

Commissioners approve CDBG grant policies, citizen participation plan

The commission approved the 2015-2019 consolidated plan in June 2015.

The proposed annual action plan was available for public review and comment from May 3 through June 2.

Three written comments were received, all in support of using CDBG funds for the Indian Family Health Clinic.

Changes to Great Falls CDBG process, public needs hearing on commission agenda

The city is expecting to receive $776,621 of CDBG funds and $285,831 of HOME funds from HUD in the coming year.