Group seeks 2018 Montana Neighbor Award nominations – deadline extended

Good neighbors deserve recognition. The Montana Neighbor Awards wants to celebrate good neighbors and is soliciting nominations for its annual awards.

The Montana Neighbor Awards is a working group made up of conservation organizations from around the state including Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks, Montana Association of Land Trusts, Montana Farm Bureau, Artemis Common Ground, The Nature Conservancy of Montana and Montana Council of Trout Unlimited.

Awards are based on four criteria: cooperation, land stewardship/conservation ethic, neighborly land access and community leadership.

“Our purpose is to give recognition to landowners who go the extra mile through collaborative efforts to enhance our Montana sense of community,” said Winnett rancher Chris King, who represents Montana Farm Bureau. “Our mission is to promote the on-the-ground reality of being a good Montana neighbor in a time of transition in our state. We believe that publicizing the good things that are happening will encourage others to undertake similar efforts.”

Every year, the group solicits nominations of landowners from across Montana. An awards committee, along with the governor’s office, reviews the nominations and selects the award-winners. Winners receive specially printed and framed Montana Neighbor Award certificates signed by the members of the awards committee and by Montana Gov. Steve Bullock.

“There can be tension between landowners, public resource agencies and sportsmen. Those situations get press,” said MALT Executive Director Glenn Marx, member of the Awards Committee. “But the fact is there are many new and long-time landowners who are great neighbors in the Montana tradition. We want to give them recognition.”

To receive a copy of the nomination form, send an email to or or write to Montana Neighbor Awards, PO Box 748, Helena, MT 59624

Deadline for nominations has been moved to June 14

For more information contact: Brian Kahn, 406-444-8744,, Montana Neighbor Awards Committee, PO Box 748 Helena, MT 59624.