County ZBOA approves two special use permits

The Cascade County Zoning Board of Adjustment recently approved two special use permits.

The first was a request from NorthWestern Energy for a minor utility installation for a gas gate station on a five acre property on Judson Lane, off Bootlegger Trail.

The project involved installing a new transmission block valve assembly, yard piping and a major piping in a building to be constructed on site. The project designed to increase capacity and reliability for the natural gas distribution system in the area, according to the county staff report.

The SUP is valid for one particular use and expires one year after the date of approval if construction or the use hasn’t started. It also expires if the use ceases for six months for any reason.

Certified letters were sent to neighboring property owners and notice was published of the ZBOA hearing and staff received no comments before the meeting.

The ZBOA also approved a SUP for Prairie Market, a meat and cheese wholesaler, so they could operate out of a building at 57 Gibson Flats Road.

Some of the surrounding property owners had concerns about traffic generated by the operation and the board added an additional condition to address those concerns, according to county planning staff.