Cascade County Commission candidate questionnaire: George Schultz

Name: George Shultz

Political affiliation: Republican

Schultz did not answer The Electric’s questionnaire questions, but instead sent the following:

Q: Why are you running for the office?

A: To infuse and provide a new information stream that fosters an environment where ethics, integrity and dignity can flourish.

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Q: Why are you running as a Republican?

A: The G.O.P  leads all other political parties in defending and continuing our Bill of Rights and Constitution, further securing our private property ownership and property rights.

Q: What makes you the best candidate in the race?

A: I will bring troubleshooting and problem solving skills to the office with a special emphasis on remedy, relief and resolution to all conflicts and disputes concerning land, housing, property, real estate.

These type of conflicts should be settled before the sun goes down.

I will be posting writings on a variety of topics including a proposal for a “Sunset Policy,” to resolve disputes before the sun goes down, at

Positions on hot button topics and prime directive for filing:

  • Oppose the slaughterhouse
  • The aggressive and vigilant maintenance and continuance of all private property ownership and rights