Cascade County Commission candidate questionnaire: Dominick Snell

Name: Dominick Snell

Age: 38

Occupation: computer specialist at HCL Technologies

Party affiliation: Republican

Experience relevant to position sought: My military experience because of the order to how things are run. Also I am not a politician.

Challenger files for county commission seat

Q: Why are you running for county commissioner? 

A: To bring the people back into the government as it is sorely lacking in that department.

Q: What do you believe is the role of a county commissioner? 

A: The biggest role would have to be the growth for the county and the cities/towns within the county.

Q: What do you believe are the top three challenges facing Cascade County? 

A: Government red tape paperwork, government overreach, and backdoor dealings.

Q: If elected, what would be your initial priorities and how would you accomplish those goals?

A: I would first look at the budget, line by line, to determine where the excess is and reduce the budget so as not to have to ask the taxpayers for more and hopefully reduce the amount the taxpayers already pay.

Q: If elected, how would you approach the decision-making process on items before the commission?

A: I would bring the people of the county into the decision-making as much as possible. The county is all of us and we should all have a say in how it is run.

Q: How would you conduct public outreach on controversial matters before the county, or to promote a general understanding of the county’s public process?

A: I would bring transparency to the how things are run as well as try to bring the public into the workings of what is going on in the county by holding more public forums at times where everyone can attend.

Q: How would you approach working with the City of Great Falls staff and the City Commission to address broader community needs and goals?

A: I would bring the people of the county into the everyday workings so that the City of Great Falls staff and the City Commission can see who they are representing to make sure that everyone is doing an honest job for the community.

Q: What do you believe is the role of the county commission in economic development?

A: To make sure that the budget is in line to save the taxpayers as well as make the county look appealing, infrastructure wise, to outside business that will help improve the community instead of doing the community harm.

Q: What do you believe are the core services a county should provide to residents?

A: Lower taxes, better roads, better and balanced budget, transparency, and public inclusion to the county commission.

Q: How would you approach the budget process to ensure the county is making the best use of taxpayer dollars?

A: I would go line by line to find where the excess is going as well as look at the people employed by the county to make sure that their role is a viable one. I would make it possible to save the taxpayers money by reducing the amount that is needed to run the community.

Q: How would you work with the sheriff’s office to ensure public safety?

A: I would give the sheriff and his staff the needed manpower to combat the growing crime in our county as well as grow or strengthen the interchange between the two offices.

Q: What do you envision your working relationship with county staff would look like?

A: I would like to see a steady and honest working relationship between me and the staff. I would like them to know that if they have any problems, that they can come to me to help them if needed. I want an open-door policy for myself and everyone there so as to foster a better work environment.

Q: Any additional comments on your plans if elected (but please be concise)?

A: I want to bring the people back into government as well as bring transparency and efficiency. I want to save the taxpayers money as well as reduce the spending in the county.