City considers update to board appointment policy for business improvement districts

City Commissioners will consider a change to the board appointment policy, as it related to statutorily created business improvement districts.

During the process to set criteria for city boards, the commission adopted a resolution requiring that candidates be city residents.

The Great Falls Tourism Business Improvement District raised concern then and recently over how that would impact their ability to recruit and retain board members. Many of the owners of businesses within the TBID, who pay a TBID assessment, live outside the city limits, restricting their ability to serve on the board under current policy.

City staff propose changes to ethics policies, creation of ethics board in response to conflict of interest issues

In response, city staff drafted a resolution, repealing and replacing the current resolution on appointment policy. Most of the provisions remain unchanged, according to staff, but if adopted, the business improvement district would be allowed to make recommendations for appointment under their own bylaws.

City makes appointments to airport board

Current city policy already allows special consideration in appointments for the Housing Authority Board, Great Falls International Airport Authority and the Library Board, according to staff.