Great Falls park district approved; school levy fails

The May 8 ballot included the $1.5 million park district; $1.3 million school levy; and two seats on the school board.

With the final count for the night, the Great Falls park district is approved. The public school levy was defeated.

In a statement, Superintendent Tammy Lacey said “we will now move forward as we deal with the necessary reductions to include the elimination of the two teachers of the hands-on science program (known as Environmental Education) effectively ending the decades long program, the reduction in the number of teachers for the gifted and talented (another two teaching positions), reductions to supply allocations to schools, and the elimination of six support staff positions. These are in addition to the eight teaching positions already slated to be released.”

Election officials will canvas next Tuesday and results aren’t official until then.

The updated results are listed below.

Park District

Yes: 8,279

No: 7,738

School levy

Yes: 8,056

No: 9,648

School Board

Seat 1

Teresa Schreiner: 5,920

Judy Tankink: 5,216

Laura Wight: 3,843

Seat 2

Jacob Griffith: 3,206

Barbara Going: 5,454

Kim Skornogoski: 6,507

Vaughn Water & Sewer District

Shirley Baer: 25

Cory Eli: 38

Becky Dubielczyk: 34

Kay Neil: 24

Doug Schwartz: 32

Kathy Taylor: 38

Alan Whitmire: 33