Ballots for school board, school levy, park district due May 8

As of Monday morning, 9,408 ballots had been processed for the county school board election, school levy and park district election.

But election officials hadn’t yet processed the ballots that were returned Thursday or Friday since they were preparing the ballots for the primary election that had to be sent to the postal company this week.

Ballots due May 8; special park district ballots available for non-city residents owning property within city limits

Elections officials will be at Exhibition Hall at the fairgrounds from 7 a.m. until polls close at 8 p.m. on Tuesday. Residents can register to vote, return ballots or get a ballot if needed.

Park district goes to May 8 ballot

The ballot includes the two open school board seats and the $1.3 million school levy. For city residents, the ballot also includes the proposed $1.5 million park district.

Park district is on track to go to May 8 ballot for $1.5 million assessment

For Montana voters living outside the city limits, but own property within the city limits, they can bring their tax bill into the Cascade County elections office for a special ballot to vote on the park district.

There are approximately 47,000 voters in Cascade County, according to the elections office. There are about 28,000 voters in the city.

Ballots were sent by mail and may be returned by mail or in person at the Cascade County Elections Office at 325 2nd Ave. N. #100. On Election Day, ballots may be returned at Exhibition Hall at Expo Park. County residents may also register to vote at Expo Park on Election Day or get replacement ballots if they lose theirs.

Make sure to sign your ballot and only your ballot. Ballots with mismatched signatures will not be counted but election officials will work to contact the voter to have the issue corrected. Voters who have mismatched signature or no signature have until 5 p.m. the day after the election to rectify the issue. Otherwise, their ballot will not be counted.