Next phase of Ulm subdivision up for County Commission consideration

A preliminary plat for the next phase of Rolling Meadows subdivision in Um is up for County Commission consideration during their May 8 meeting.

Robert and Gale Morgan of Bonesteel LLC are requesting to subdivide a 28.3 acre property into 14 residential lots ranging in size from 1.77 acres to 2.23 acres with one additional 1.17 acre lot dedicated as parkland.

The property is in the Mixed Use zoning district in Ulm and access will be via two existing approaches on West Um Road, or approaches from Centre Street/Ulm-Vaughn road for two of the lots.

Subdivision regulations require that 5 percent of the acreage subdivided for residential use must be dedicated for parkland, or the developer can pay cash-in-lieu. The 5 percent makes 1.36 acres the minimum for parkland dedication, according to county staff. The applicant has proposed 1.17 acres for parkland and will cover the remaining 0.19 acres with cash-in-lieu. Based on the estimated value of the unsubdivided, unimproved land at $2,250 per ace, the required payment will be $428, according to county planning.

The lots will have cisterns for water and the wastewater drainfields will be sized for five bedroom homes with locations to be determined by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, according to the staff report.

There’s an existing 120,000 gallon irrigation tank in the subdivision that will be modified to hold a minimum capacity of 17,000 gallons, or 10,000 plus 500 per lot, for fire protection services, according to county planning staff.

The Cascade County Planning Board voted 6-0 in April to recommend that the County Commission approve the subdivision, with conditions, including one requiring the homeowners association reach a general positive consensus on covenants within the subdivision.

The planning office also sent notice to interested agencies on March 30 and received no comments of concern. Notice of the planning board’s public hearing was sent to adjacent property owners by non-certified mail on March 30.