County has special meeting Monday to consider grandstand demolition and replacement contracts

Cascade County Commissioners are scheduled for a special meeting on Monday to consider contracts related to the grandstands at Montana Expo Park.

The county opened a competitive bid process for the demolition and removal of the entire existing grandstand structure, related attached structures and any concrete, asphalt, debris, etc., within the proposed boundary to a depth not to exceed three feet below ground surface at the fairgrounds.

County approves contract for designs for new grandstands, considers replacement in time for 2019 fair

Staff is recommending that commissioners award the contract to Shumaker Trucking and Excavation for $72,867.

Bid packets were distributed to six qualified local contractors via email on April 12, according to the county. A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting was held April 16 and held by three of those firms. A follow-up email was sent to all six contractors on April 17 and bids were due by April 30. The county received bids from M&D Construction, Geranios Enterprises and Shuamaker, all local companies.

The county also opened the bidding process for design and construction of a new set of bleachers at the fairgrounds.

Bids were due May 3 and one bid was received from Montana School Equipment of Great Falls.

The county contracted with Nelson Architects last month for the project and staff and the architect reviewed the bid. Staff is recommending that a $2.287 million contract be awarded to Montana School Equipment Company.

That includes a base bid of $1.683 million and added alternatives for concrete foundation and dirt work for $409,500 and additional site work for $194,158.