Street sweeping schedule for April 30-May 4 in Great Falls

The city is continuing street sweeping this week and residents are asked to move vehicles from the street from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on their scheduled day.

The schedule may change or be cancelled due to weather conditions.

This week’s schedule is:

  • Monday, April 30: (Avenues) 1st Avenue South through 9th Avenue South from 10th Street South to 20th Street South
  • Tuesday, May 1: (Streets) 21st Street South through 30th Street South from Central Avenue to 10th Avenue South
  • Wednesday, May 2: (Avenues) 1st Avenue South through 9th Avenue South from 20th Street South to 30th Street South
  • Thursday, May 3: (Streets) 31st Street North through 38th Street North from Central Avenue to 9th Avenue North
  • Friday, May 4: (Avenues) 3rd Avenue North through 9th Avenue North from 30th Street North to 38th Street North, as well as the North Park Industrial Complex