County approves additional structures for Black Eagle Storage

More storage units are planned for Black Eagle Storage, LLC at 3100 Old Havre Highway.

There are currently seven buildings on the property. Four of those were constructed prior to a law change by the 2013 Montana legislative session.

That year, Senate Bill 324 was passed to regulate buildings for lease or rent since some of Montana county governments felt that developers and land owners were attempting to skirt subdivision regulations when they developed projects meant for leasing or renting buildings, according to county planners. Any proposed storage development with more than 30 units must be approved by the county commission.

Three buildings were constructed in 2017 and last week, County Commissioners approved Black Eagle Storage’s plan for three new storage buildings. One will house 31 units and the other two will have 47 units.

The units will be accessed from the existing approach on Old Havre Highway and internal access is provided by an existing two way-access road. The facility doesn’t require water and wastewater facilities, according to county planning staff.