City considers $346,670 contract for ADA sidewalk ramps

City Commissioners will consider awarding a $346,670.00 to Kuglin Construction to install sidewalk ramps that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The project includes 66 ramps and the project will create ADA compliant routes from Smelter Avenue to Riverview Drive East on 4th Street Northeast and 6th Street Northeast, according to the staff report. The routes will provide access to Jaycee Park, Sacajawea Elementary School and Walmart, according to city public works. It will also complete an ADA compliant route along 6th Avenue South that provides access to Great Falls High School, bus routes and the ADA routes established on 24th and 25th Streets.

The project also includes replacing curb and gutter, replacing and relocating several storm drain inlets and the installation of valley gutters within the project limits. A ramp providing a point of access to the Jaycee Park play structure will also be constructed.

Three bids were received with prices ranging from $346,760 to $399,735. Kuglin submitted the low bid.

Street Division funds have been budgeted for this project and had been coordinated through route planning and street maintenance scheduling through the process outlined in the Public Right of Way ADA Transition Plan.

The project consists of replacing approximately 2,010 lineal feet of integral concrete curb and gutter, 4,500 square feet of 4-inch concrete sidewalk, 7,300 square feet of 6-inch concrete sidewalk, 66 truncated domes, five valley gutters and 7,200 square feet of sod. The project is scheduled for substantial completion in 120 calendar days with a start date in late June.

Since ADA was enacted in 1990, the city has installed about 1,074 compliant ramps.

The city has also inventoried the existing infrastructure which has helped determine barriers and prioritize improvements. This project will install 66 of the total 83 ramps identified as part of the work in the right of way construction this season, according to public works.

The project will be funded with about $27,000 of Community Development Block Grant funds and more than $300,000 in street funds. CDBG funding has funded about 216 ramps as part of ADA projects over the years, but that funding has decreased over the years, according to public works. Funding has also been provided by the Montana Department of Transportation and private developers.