City Commission to consider $1.89 million contract for water main replacement

On Tuesday, City Commissioners will consider a $1.89 million contract to United Materials for a water main replacement on the lower southside.

The project will replace about 16 blocks of water main in the area from 10th Avenue South to 3rd Street South and from 2nd Street to 9th Street.

Water main breaks in the area are primarily due to corrosive soils, age and type of pipe material used. The water mains were installed in 1890, 1967, 1982 and 1986, according to the city.

This project will replace about 3,025 lineal feet of 6-inch and 8-inch cast iron water main and 3,350 lineal feet of 12-inch cast iron and ductile iron water main with 8-inch and 12-inch PVC water main; 825 lineal feet of 24-inch ductile iron water main; replace 10 fire hydrants; 150 water service connections; 5,950 square yards of gravel; and 7,450 square yards of asphalt pavement. The project locations include:

  • 9th Avenue South from 2nd Street thru 5th Street
  • 3rd Street from 8th Avenue South to 9th Avenue South
  • 4th Street from 10th Avenue South thru 9th Avenue South
  • 5th Avenue South from 3rd Street to 6th Street
  • 4th Avenue South from 3rd Street thru 6th Street
  • 4th Street from 5th Avenue South to 4th Avenue South
  • 3rd Avenue South from 5th Street to 9th Street

The project is scheduled to begin May 7.

Three bids were received and opened for this project on April 4. Bids ranged from $1,895,760 to $2,117,924.96. United Materials submitted the low bid and has done a number of projects in the city, according to the staff report.

The project is being completed in cooperation with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality. DEQ reviewed and approved the plans.

The project is being funded through the Water Capital Improvement fund.