County approves $15,000 for remodel at city-county health department

Cascade Commissioners approved a $15,000 contract to CTA, Inc. for architectural services for renovating space in the City-County Health Department building downtown.

The Community Health Care Center had a dental clinic in the building at 115 4th St. S., but has moved the dental facility to another location.

Now, the space is planned for renovation into four exam rooms, a medication room and a venipuncture/blood draw area.

CTA was the original architect on the remodel for the dental suites from its previous layout, according to the staff report.

The county recently leased space and is remodeling space in the Machinery Row building. The county also hired a new dentist recently.

Dental clinic expanding at Community Health Care Center

Commissioner Joe Briggs said he was concerned about remodeling the current building shared by CCHD and CHCC since they may outgrow the building in the future.

Commissioner Jane Weber said that the CHCC has new providers coming on board and if they don’t have space to work, they won’t be able to work.

“They’ll be hamstrung,” she said, if they don’t have the space.

Weber said she doesn’t anticipate the CHCC moving anytime soon based on conversations with staff, but the commissioners asked for a better timeline on the plans for renovations at both the CHCC and CCHD.