County approved $337,000 contract for architectural services for remodel of downtown office building

The county’s plan to remodel the Executive Plaza for office space is moving forward.

Earlier this week, Cascade County Commissioners approved a $337,000 contract to Nelson Architects for architectural services for the design and construction for site improvements and the interior remodel.

County approves purchase of office space for $357,800

For years, the county had been buying units in the building, which is broken up as a condo association, and now owns all but one unit in the building.


The space is haphazard and inefficient with stairways to nowhere and hard to find offices. The remodel is planned to make a more efficient use of space for offices and storage, according to county officials.

The entire project is an estimated $3 million.

Commissioner Jim Larson expressed some uneasiness in moving forward until the next fiscal year. He voted against the contract, but it passed 2-1.

Brian Clifton, county public works director, said the project is broken into phases and the county can opt out after the first phase which is an estimated $84,000.

County prepping for office remodel, vehicle replacements, road improvements

Commissioner Joe Briggs said they’d already budgeted for the first phase.

The county received two bids for the project, one from Nelson Architects and the other from CTA, Inc. Staff reviewed and scored the bids and then negotiated an agreement with the highest scoring firm, which was Nelson Architects.