Staff recommends repealing 2014 resolution allowing for casino

City staff is recommending that the City Commission adopt a resolution repealing a 2014 resolution that allowed for the re-establishment and expansion of a casino at 1905 4th St. N.E.

The 2014 resolution allowed MRO, Inc. to rebuild a casino on the site where the River City Casino had previously existed as a non-conforming Type-1 casino until it was demolished in 2012.

Since that time, the property owner has not obtained permits to construct a casino that the 2014 resolution provider for and city code states that a conditional use permit expires after a year if no substantial work has commenced.

City Brew and a Verizon store currently sit on the property. Though the conditional use permit was void after the year of no work by MRO, staff wanted to remove the resolution granting it from the books.