All Cascade County judges decline lawsuit over zoning board appointments, no hearing set

Updated: As of March 20, no judge had accepted the case and no hearings have been scheduled.

Judge Elizabeth Best officially recused herself this afternoon from the lawsuit filed against Cascade County over zoning board appointments.

Judge Greg Pinski has declined to hear the case, according to court clerks. Judge John Kutzman and Judge John Parker have also declined the case.

Now the court is looking for another judge outside the county to take the case, according to court staff.

That’s not unusual, court staff says, especially in cases against the county commission since the judges work in a county building and often work with commissioners. Most of the four district court judges in Cascade County have a full case load of trials and other cases, court staff said.

No hearings have yet been set in the case that was filed by Ryan Villines last week.

The Cascade County Commission voted this morning to delay the appointment to the Zoning Board of Adjustment to their April 10 meeting.