City to consider contract for pump as part of Gore Hill water tower replacement project

City Commissioners will consider awarding a $73,400 contract to Sletten Construction Company for the Gore Hill pump station pump replacement.

Public Works staff are recommending approval of the project to remove the existing 75 horsepower split case pump and install a new 100 horsepower vertical turbine pump in the Gore Hill pump station.

The new pump is needed, according to the staff report, to accommodate the increased height of the new Gore Hill water tower which is being constructed this summer.

$2.4 million water tower replacement contract on upcoming City Commission agenda

The pump replacement project is expected to start this summer and be completed by the end of the 2018 construction season, according to staff.

The Gore Hill pump station is currently comprised of three pumps, a 75 horsepower pump that provides primary service duty in the winter and two 200 horsepower pumps that operate on a lead-lag basis to meet demands in the summer, according to the staff report.

Water main installed for new Gore Hill water tower

Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services, the city’s contractor on the water tower project, is also recommending approval of the contract after determining the existing 75 horsepower pump wouldn’t be able to provide water to the new, taller water tower.

According to staff, construction shouldn’t require shutting off water to the surrounding area and shouldn’t affect access to businesses or residences in the area.

City reviewing water and sewer rates, services

The city received three bids for the project, ranging from $73,400 to $90,610.

Sletten submitted the low bid and met all of the city’s requirements.

The project will be funded through the Water Capital Improvement fund.