Subdivision planned for Holman property with hopes of spurring riverfront development

A proposed project would continue the development along the Missouri River.

Buffalo Crossing is proposed to subdivide a 2.22 acre property into six lots along the River’s Edge Trail on the southeast corner of Central Avenue and Bay Drive.

The city planning board will consider the project on Tuesday and city staff has recommended approval.

The property is owned by Holman Grain, which is proposing that the northernmost lot would be created to redevelop the existing building. The entire property is zoned M-2 mixed use, transitional.

That building sits at the corner of Central Avenue West and Bay Drive, just off the bridge and across from the federal courthouse.

In 2016, the city filed criminal complaint against the owner for maintaining a public nuisance. The property owner met the city’s requirements to correct the most pressing public safety issues before the City Commission was set to consider whether to declare the building a public nuisance.

The building was constructed in the 1930s and served as a highway department warehouse and a flooring store. Development was proposed for the building in 2004, but plans fell through and complaints about the building date back to 2005.

In addition to the lot with the existing building, five new lots are proposed for future development consistent with the M-2 zoning district.

According to the staff report, the property owner is hoping to develop the lots with mixed uses and potentially upper story residential units.

The subdivision application does not indicate any plans for specific development on the lots.

The lots in the preliminary plat would range in size from 10,245 square feet to 25,510 square feet, according to the staff report.

A second structure, a metal clad storage unit, will be removed as part of future development.

The River’s Edge Trail runs along the back of the property, separated by a retaining wall.

There are existing overhead power lines along the east edge of Bay Drive that the applicant hopes to bury with future development of the proposed subdivision, according to the staff report.

So far, city staff has not received any questions or comments about the proposed project.

Neighborhood Council 2 met on Feb. 14 and two members voted in favor of the project with one abstaining and two absent.

Sidewalks will be installed as the lots are developed and shared use paths are proposed to connect Bay Drive to the River’s Edge Trail, one in the middle of the subdivision and one at the south end.