Restaurant, grocery building for West Bank Landing; University of Providence project on Design Review Board agenda

Two projects in the West Bank Landing development on the Missouri River, off 3rd Street Northwest are up for Design Review Board consideration on Monday.

One is for a 3,662 square foot building designed for two quick service restaurants. One of those has been named as Five on Black, but the second space will be built as a shell until the tenant is finalized.

The other is for a 19,745 square foot grocery store within the development.

The first phase of West Bank Landing included the SpringHill Suites, Marriott Hotel that is currently under construction. The second phase included the renovation of the existing barrel building into the west side Peak Health and Wellness Center that recently opened. The full project is six parcels totaling 12.5 acres and the “goal of this development is to create an area where residents can live, work and play,” according to the staff report.

Staff is recommending approval of both projects.

The proposed restaurant building has modern exterior finishes and style with dedicated outdoor seating. Since the entrance to the building is being proposed for the interior of the property rather than along 3rd Street Northwest, the project doesn’t meet the design guideline that requires a minimum of 30 percent windows and doors for a facade facing a public street.

Based on the design, the area proposed to face 3rd Street Northwest would be storage and kitchen areas and not normally have windows, staff has proposed that landscaping be added to help soften that side of the building.

Much of the site plan, including parking, lighting and landscaping was previously approved with phase two plans. The landscape plan will be revised to include the additional landscaping along 3rd Street Northwest.

The grocery building has been designed with southern exposure and river views in mind and the exterior walls are proposed with precast concrete, metal and wood toned siding, according to the staff report. The plans include 9,000 square feet of retail space, including a deli for on site food and drink consumption. An outdoor patio and elevated balcony are included in the plans.

West Bank Landing

Courtesy of Great Falls planning department

The grocer has not yet been released and Jeremiah Johnson with West Bank Landing told The Electric over the weekend that he couldn’t name the grocer yet.

The site plan includes a new proposed curb cut on 3rd Street Northwest, giving access to the grocery store and also acts a second point of entry for the entire development.

Also on Monday’s DRB agenda is a renovation of the student center at the University of Providence. The project includes the renovation of the exterior facade and interior remodeling. The main architectural change to the building include expanding the building by enclosing a space currently used as a place near the main entrance, according to the staff report.