County planning, zoning board appointments pushed to Jan. 9

Cascade County Commissioners have pushed multiple board appointments to the Jan. 9 meeting.

Commissioner Jane Weber will be out of town for the Dec. 26 meeting and requested that the commission wait to vote until she’s back in town.

During the Dec. 26 meeting, they’ll consider appointments to the DUI Task Force, but have postponed consideration of applicants to the compensation, weed and planning boards, as well as the Regional Airport Authority board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

County zoning board applications due Friday for two vacancies

Staff will not make recommendations for board appointments.

Commissioners will review and discuss the applications during the Jan. 9 meeting to their appointments.

Commissioner Joe Briggs said they go through the applications and submitted resumes as they look for a professional balance on the boards.

They haven’t historically interviewed candidates, he said.

Weber said they make a note of those requesting reappointment and that they normally give people at least two terms on a board.

“The Zoning Board of Adjustment is one of the most difficult boards to get experience to grow because it doesn’t meet very often and it’s very technical,” Briggs said.

The ZBOA met a handful of times this year to consider special use permits for various projects across the county.

Weber said the compensation board only meets once a year and deals with some complicated issues. There is one resident taxpayer seat on the board for a three-year term. The 10-member board recommends salary compensation for the county’s elected officials: county treasurer/superintendent of schools, county attorney, county commissioners, county clerk and recorder/surveyor, clerk of the district count, sheriff and justice of the peace.

The compensation board consists of the County Commission; three county elected officials; county attorney; and three resident taxpayers appointed by the County Commission.

The planning board meets more regularly, usually the third Tuesday of each month.

There are three openings for two-year terms and one opening to fill the remainder of a term through Dec. 31, 2018 on the planning board.

Mark Carlson, Dan Johnstone and Charles Kuether have requested to be reappointed to the planning board. Carlson has served two terms, Kuether has served one term and Johnstone has served a half-term.

Other applicants to the board are: Dexter Busby, Martin Byrnes, Tom Lambert, Richard Liebert, James McNamara, Jr., Bob Morgan, Brian Neilsen, Trent Short, Russell Armstrong Snyder, Carl Thrasher, Shon Weaver.

There are two openings for two-year terms through Dec. 31, 2019 on the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Jim Edwards has requester reappointment and has served more than five terms.

Other applicants to the ZBOA are: Rodney Blake, Carolyn Craven, Thomas Jackson, J.C. Kantorowicz, Charles Kuether, Richard Liebert, Bob Morgan, Brian Neilsen, Craig Rude, Trend Short, Brandon Skogen, Melissa Smylie, Russell Armstrong Snyder, Gerald Stinson, Carl Thrasher, Logan Tinsen and Erin Troplia.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment will be the body to consider a special use permit for the proposed Madison Food Park. Should there be an appeal challenging the legality of the ZBOA’s decision, aggrieved parties could appeal to the County Commissioners or district court.