Multiple city board appointments on Tuesday’s commission agenda

Commissioners will consider multiple appointments to Great Falls boards and councils on Tuesday.

Neighborhood Council 1 had three people elected during the November election. One write-in candidate received three votes and had filed with the election office as an official write-in candidate. There were two other people written in and each received two votes. Since there’s one spot left on the council, the commission will conduct a drawing of those two names to fill the seat.

City has multiple openings on advisory boards

Mansfield Center for the Performing Arts Advisory Board

Grant Harville is recommended for appointment to the Mansfield Center for the Performing Arts Advisory Board for the remainder of a three-year term.

The vacancy was created when another member resigned who had been appointed in November 2015 and reappointed for a term through December 2019. The board reviewed Harville’s application and has recommended his appointment.

The Mansfield Center for the Performing Arts Advisory Board was originally created in 1997 as the Civic Center Advisory Board and acts in an advisory capacity to the City Commission and city manager on matters related to the successful operation of the Civic Center as the Mansfield Center for the Performing Arts and public meeting rooms. The Board consists of five to seven members with an attempt to have representation from the areas of performing arts, conventions and meetings and civic leaders.

Continuing members are: Carl Donovan, Kelly Manzer, Edward Gomoll, Allen Lanning, Patty Holmes Myers and Nancy Clark.

Advisory Commission on International Relationships

Anna Schendel is recommended for appointment to the Advisory Commission on International Relationships.

The vacancy was created recently when another member, who was appointed in 2013, moved away from Great Falls.

Schendel submitted an application and the board has recommended that she be appointed.

The board was created in 2000 and provides support, coordination and exchange of information for international programs in the community. The board consists of nine to 11 members and the continuing members are: Michael Kraft, Katheryn Craig, Lana Kadoshnikov, Sandra Erickson, Charity Jacobson, Camile Reovan, Brian C. Nosich, Veranika Marozava and Max Mauch.

Park and Recreation Board

Two Park and Recreation Board members have terms ending this month and both are eligible and interested in a second term.

June Sprout and Lynn Ulmer Oatman were appointed in 2015 and during their December meeting, the board recommended that they be reappointed.

Patrick Carroll has served on the board since January 2012 and is not eligible for reappointment. The city has been advertising for the three openings since October and has not received any applications. The city will continue advertising until all of the positions are filled.

The board consists of seven members who act in an advisory capacity to the City Commission and city manager on all matters related to the city’s Park and Recreation program. Members must be city residents. Continuing members are: Erin Madison Granger, Shirley Davis, George Geise and Lonnie Hill.

Design Review Board

Shannon Wilson is recommended to fill a vacancy on the Design Review Board to fill a vacancy created when one member moved away in July.

The city has been advertising the position since then, but an application wasn’t received until November. Due to temporary medical conditions with some of the current board members, the regularly scheduled December meeting was cancelled.

Tom Micuda, deputy planning director spoke to Wilson and determined she is qualified to serve on the board and staff is recommending her appointment now rather than waiting for a full quorum of the board.

The DRB was originally created in 1997 and has the authority and responsibility to review specified types of development proposals to ensure that the design and aesthetics conform to the review criteria contained in Title 17 of the city’s code. The board’s composition should achieve a diversity of expertise, background, and interest, according to the city. The Land Development Code states it is preferred that the board include two architects and three individuals chosen for their demonstrated interest in and expertise in design or community aesthetics. Members must be city residents and no City Commissioners or city employees are eligible to serve on the board.

Continuing members of this board are: Tyson Kraft, David Grosse, Dani Grebe and Kevin Vining.