Next West Ridge phase advancing with plans for 18 lots, including townhomes

The city planning board will consider a final plat for West Ridge Phase 8 during its Dec. 12 meeting.

The nearly 5 acre area in the area of 2nd Street Northeast and Choteau Avenue Northeast and was annexed and zoned R-3 Single-family high density in August 2015. The property was later rezoned to Planned Unit Development in February 2017 to allow two-unit townhomes and single-family homes. After the PUD was approved, the applicant filed a request for an 18-lot preliminary play, , which was approved in November.

Next West Ridge phase getting started on northern edge of city

The developer is now requesting final subdivision plat so they can sell the 18 lots and begin the construction process. The action requires a hearing at the Planning Advisory Board and approval by the City Commission.

The project will include the dedication of two public streets and the lots on the western end of the final plat would range from 8,385 square feet to 8,439 square feet. The two single-family lots on the eastern side will be about 11,000 square feet, according to the staff report.

Neighborhood Council 3 voted in favor of the project in September.

This phase of the development includes extending 2nd Street Northeast to the limits of Phase 8 and dedicating Choteau Avenue Northeast as part of the phase. City staff are recommending that the west end of Choteau Avenue have a temporary gravel surfaced cul-de-sac turnaround installed to facilitate public safety access and a modified easement may be required from the owner of the neighboring Thaniel Addition subdivision for the turnaround.

Boulevard style sidewalks will be constructed along each lot frontage at the time of home construction and will connect to the existing sidewalk network. No changes to the road or sidewalk network are being proposed with this application. The proposed roadway layout will have sufficient capacity to accommodate traffic generated by the proposed increase in density, according to city staff.

Utilities in the development, including water, sewer and stormwater management will be installed at the developer’s expense and will require approval by the city’s Public Works department.

The stormwater management plan has been a coordinated effort with the developers of West Ridge and the neighboring Thaniel Addition and the city for a future regional stormwater facility immediately to the north on the adjacent property. Until then, the developer will provide temporary stormwater management facilities and begin the installation of a piped storm drainage system with this phase.