City awards electric contract to Energy Keepers

City Commissioners voted during a Nov. 30 special meeting to award an electric energy contract to Energy Keepers, a Montana company owned by the Salish and Kootenai tribes.

The five-year contract is projected to give the city a substantial cost savings over the 5-year term.

A summary of costs will be released in two weeks, which is a measure to protect the competitive nature of the energy industry, according to city staff and the city’s energy consultant.

City to consider natural gas contract extension

Four years ago, the city had just one energy supplier submit a bid, but in the meantime, more suppliers have entered the market, according to Bill Pascoe, the city’s energy consultant.

This year, the city received four bids.

“I truly believe the city is going to be in good shape,” said Commissioner Bob Jones after returning from closed session when commissioners discussed specific details of the bids.