Design Review Board to consider for Broadwater Bay office building, university wrestling facility

A new three-story office building is proposed for a 1.12 acre parcel near Broadwater Bay and Mackenzie River Pizza.

Double-Eagle Development LLC is proposing the building with plans to house a bank on the lower level and office space for future tenants on the two upper stories.

The project goes to the Design Review Board on Monday for consideration.

The total square footage is proposed at 21,966 square feet and the property is currently zoned M-2 Mixed-use Transitional.

The proposed building has a contemporary architectural design and the exterior materials include bronze anodized aluminum, stone or brick veneer and wood.

“These materials will convey a contemporary approach but reflect the industrial nature and unique shape of its property,” according to the staff report project description.

City staff reviewed the project to ensure compliance with the city’s land development code, Title 17, including zoning, setbacks, building height and lot coverage.

The site plan includes two curb cuts off of River Dr. South. One curb cut is located on the south end of the property across from Mackenzie River Pizza.

The northern curb cut is located directly across from the entrance to the Broadwater Bay parking lot. Interior sidewalks are included to create safe pedestrian circulation throughout the site, and are proposed at a width of six feet. Intersection visibility triangles at each curb cut will be required to be shown in order to receive a building permit.

The conceptual parking layout shows 55 parking spaces, three of which will be ADA accessible, meeting the code requirement. The first floor bank requires one parking stall per 300 square feet. The upper two floors will be used as office space and require one parking stall per 250 square feet. The parking spaces are designed with a 10-foot width by 19-foot length. A shared parking agreement is required with the commercial property to the south for 12 parking spaces in order to be in compliance with Title 17. A bike rack has been proposed in the site plan, allowing for a credit of three parking spaces. A design detail will be required during the permit process.

The development will require stormwater management plan, which will be reviewed by city staff.

City code requires that 15 percent of the property be landscaped and the proposal includes grass, canopy trees, shrubs and perennials.

The Design Review Board will also consider plans for a 8,505 square foot wrestling facility at the University of Providence, near the existing soccer field.

Screen shot 2017-11-26 at 1.14.06 PM

The proposed building will include two wrestling mats, four offices, a training room and locker rooms. The project will also include a new parking lot, sidewalks and site landscaping.

The placement of the building has been designed based on the site conditions of the project area, including the existing stormwater easement and utility easements that have given this site some design constraints.

The site plan includes two new proposed curb cuts on 23rd Street South to accommodate a loop drive for emergency vehicle access. The parking lot shows five proposed parking spaces with one ADA accessible space. The campus currently utilizes several parking lots throughout the property to accommodate the required parking for all buildings. Sidewalks are proposed to connect the building to the parking lot and to 23rd Street South.

The landscape plan proposes two boulevard trees, seven interior trees, 56 shrubs, and several perennial plantings, exceeding the city code requirements.