Flier distributed during slaughterhouse meeting catches attention of CCSO

A flier that was placed on cars during Monday’s meeting about the proposed slaughterhouse has caught the attention of the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office.

The flier states “Stop the Slaughterhouse Commissioners Briggs, Weber and Larson,” but stop the and house are in very small print and the other words are in bold so at first glance the flier appears to read Slaughter Commissioners Briggs, Weber and Larson.

Capt. Scott Van Dyken said that CCSO takes it seriously as it could be considered a threat against the lives of county officials.

“We will have a presence at public meetings about the slaughterhouse going forward to ensure public safety,” he said.

Sheriff Bob Edwards and County Commissioners Jim Larson, Jane Weber and Joe Briggs were all briefed about the flier on Tuesday.

Van Dyken said the CCSO is taking no official stand on the proposal, but since it would be built in the county if approved, they need to be aware of threats of violence, vandalism or otherwise.

He said that the department will attend future meetings so that they are aware of the major players and to monitor if and when anyone makes threats against property or people.