Some city tax bills are being reissued

Due to a printing error, some city tax bills were incorrect.

The error was not made by the city, but the commercial street assessment did not appear on about 1,915 bills, according to City Manager Greg Doyon.

Cascade County Treasurer Jamie Bailey said that those bills were being reprinted and should be in the mail by Wednesday.

Those bills are due by Nov. 15, Bailey said.

The commercial street assessment is for street maintenance, like the residential street assessment. It’s assessed on all parcels in the city limits, with a square footage cap of 12,000 for residential properties and 1,000,000 for commercial properties.

Street maintenance includes but is not limited to, sprinkling, graveling, oiling, chip sealing, seal coating, overlaying, treating, general cleaning, sweeping, flushing, snow and ice removal, and leaf and debris removal, according to the city.

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