Skornogoski appointed to GFPS board 

The Board of Trustees for Great Falls Public Schools appointed Kim Skornogoski to fill the seat vacated by Don Ryan earlier this year.

Under GFPS rules, the seat will be up for a public vote during the May school board election and Skornogoski said she plans to run for the seat.

For years, she’s been working behind the scenes on education related issues, in part through her job as the marketing director at United Way of Cascade County.

Skornogoski said through those programs and her volunteer work she has talked to lots of students, particularly those who are struggling, and has a unique perspective on problems facing the school district.

The roots of problems GFPS is having to address are in the community, such as drug use by students or their parents, homelessness and more.

“Community issues are finding their way into schools,” she said.

She has volunteered as a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters for six years; worked with Kids’ Education Yes!, which was an advocacy group for the education levies; and also works with a number of education programs through United Way.

She also has a daughter in the public school system.

“I saw this as an opportunity to step out and be involved more on the front lines,” Skornogoski said.