Unpaid parking tickets list

The following people have unpaid parking citations over $50. Unpaid parking tickets for the last year total $6,760.

The city does use a collections service once people accrue too many unpaid parking tickets.

Want to pay your tickets? You can pay in person in the planning office at the Civic Center at 2 Park Dr. S. or online if you have the citation number or your license plate number.

The Electric is brining back the parking ticket list and will publish the list every six months. The list comes directly from the city system and if you believe your name is on the list in error, contact the planning office at 455-8414.


Boland, Gerald

Brusati, Lauren

Burton, Lenora

Block, Andrea

Bosh, Tamara

Donald S White Trust

Davidson, Marjorie

Gardner, William

Graves, Erin

Horn, Ryan

Jensen, Carl

Kiser, Jason

Kirkegaard, Carl

Maguire, Tamara

McNeil, Henry

Mizenko, Gregory

Newkirt, Chandelle

Perry, David

Shipstead, Perry

Sparks, Jack

Thompson, Whitney

Truex, Dustin


Benton, Charles

DNC Resources

Hawatmeh, Jed

Holt, Nannette

Josephs, Bernard

Josephs, Crystal

Olson, Karen

Taule, Stephen


Connor, Nicholas

$200 or more

Marble-Coombs, Cody

Meyer, Kirklen