Madison Food Park development updates

The Madison Food Park project is still in the works and The Electric has spent the last few weeks gathering information from Friesen Foods, Cascade County and state agencies.

Since the story was becoming quite lengthy, it’s going to be broken into sections that will be posted tonight. Once they’re all posted, a list of links to each will be added to this page so it can be a one stop shop as the project develops.

These stories are by no means all-encompassing on the project and The Electric will continue to provide updates as information becomes available.

Got questions about project details, or the county/state processes? Send them to

Major agri-business complex planned for Cascade County, with potential for 3,000 new jobs

Public meeting for food processing plant postponed to December

Friesen Foods working through development plans for proposed Madison Food Park

Cascade County zoning regulations continue to evolved since 2005 creation

County planning still processing Madison Food Park proposal; water rights process not yet begun