Reservations needed to confirm screening of Eduardo Garcia film in Great Falls

Some local residents are trying to get a screening of the movie Charged in Great Falls, but to do so, they need more reservations.

The film chronicles the life-changing journey of chef and outdoorsman Eduardo Garcia after being shocked by 2,400 volts of electricity in the remote backcountry of Montana. Garcia lost his hand, ribs, muscle mass and was nearly killed.

“Eduardo embarks on an extraordinary recovery, motivated by his lifelong passion for cooking and the outdoors. At his side is former girlfriend, Jennifer Jane, who emerges as a dedicated and unlikely caregiver. A survival story like no other, CHARGED navigates dramatic pasts and ventures into an uncertain future, showing us that love, forgiveness, and perseverance are vital to finding new life after tragedy,” according to the film’s website.

Watch the trailer here:

A screening is scheduled for Nov. 20 in Great Falls, but won’t happen unless 46 more tickets are reserved. Tickets are $10, but credit cards won’t be billed unless the screening is confirmed.

The deadline to reach the required number of tickets is Nov. 5.

For more information or to reserve tickets, go here and/or here.