City board to review proposed housing for Great Falls Clinic

The 12-unit guest hotel that the Great Falls Clinic Foundation is proposing to build is going before the Planning Advisory Board/Zoning Commission on Tuesday.

The Foundation is requesting that the property be rezoned from Public Lands Institution to M-1 Mixed Use and a conditional use permit to allow medical facilities in the M-1 zoning area.

If the city grants the CUP and there is a significant change in the land use, the CUP may be void and major changes could require the same public process to amend the permit. If the conditional use ceases to operate for more than six months, the permit is automatically voided.

The Great Falls Clinic Foundation is proposing the 12-room hotel for patients and their families to use while visiting for medical treatment.

So far, staff has received no public comment about the project.

The PLI zoning district is intended to include areas of significant public lands including public schools and significant public and quasi-public institutional uses or facilities.

The M-1 zoning district is intended to allow a balanced and harmonious mixture of commercial, residential, institutional uses and public spaces, according to city code. Employment opportunities are near a variety of living options. A mix of uses could occur within the same building or in separate buildings in close proximity to one another. The transportation system and buildings are designed with pedestrians in mind.

The action also includes a minor subdivision request to create two lots on the property. The proposed lot will be 48,793 square feet, or about 1.12 acres.

According to staff, the development won’t have a significant impact on traffic and the hotel will connect with city water and sewer mains, at the property owner’s expense.

Neighborhood Council 5 reviewed the project on Sept. 18 and vote unanimously to support the development.