Agreement to formalize city-River’s Edge Trail Foundation partnership proposed

The River’s Edge Trail has long been a collaboration between the city and Recreational Trails Inc., which is now the River’s Edge Trail Foundation.

During Tuesday’s meeting, City Commissioners will be asked to approve an agreement formalizing the partnership.

The city will continue to be responsible for all trail maintenance, hiring staff and overseeing volunteers. RET Foundation will continue to be a fundraiser for future costs of the trail system including improvements, possible expansion, maintenance and possible reimbursement of labor.

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In 2015,  the city assumed full management of the trail and hired a trails coordinator in 2016 and also employs a seasonal worker in the trails division. The Trails Division budget for the current fiscal year is $122,273, which includes personnel, supplies, purchased services internal service charges.

Under the proposed agreement, RET Foundation will be responsible for making recommendations on the appropriate use of the funds they raise and may make recommendations on trail needs, potential artwork and ongoing maintenance and improvements.