New basketball floor coming to Montana Expo Park in Pepsi sponsorship deal

The basketball floor at Pacific Steel and Recycling Area is getting replaced and it will be sponsored by Pepsi-Cola Bottling of Great Falls.

Cascade County Commissioners voted this week to extend pour rights for Pepsi through 2027 and approve a sponsorship for the new basketball floor.

Earlier this year, the county issued a request for proposals for sponsorships for the new basketball floor. Pepsi was the only entity to submit a proposal.

Through negotiations, the approved sponsorship deal includes the following:

  • Pepsi will pay the county $40,000 immediately for sponsorship of the floor;
  • An additional $5,000 will be paid to the county for refinishing the floor in 2022;
  • An immediate increase of 15 percent on the product rebates currently being paid to the county on all Pepsi products at Montana Expo Park;
  • An additional increase on product rebates in 2022;
  • Pepsi will purchase annual Montana State Fair Day and rodeo sponsorships for $11,000 with an increase in 2022 to match sponsorship rates at that time;
  • extension of pouring rights for Pepsi through Dec. 31, 2027

“This seems like a pretty good deal,” Commissioner Jim Larson said during the meeting.

The removable floor has been ordered but has not yet arrived and is valued around $110,000. The floor is used for basketball tournaments held at the arena. The events are typically a large draw in the community.

Asked about fair attendance and revenues, county staff said the numbers are being audited and have not yet been made public. As an overview, Susan Shannon said attendance and revenues were up this year.