City considering planned unit development rezoning for two developments

City Commissioners will consider two requests for planned unit development zoning during their Tuesday meeting.

One request is scheduled for a vote Tuesday while the other is scheduled for a first reading and setting a public hearing for Sept. 5.

The request set for a vote involves a property on the southwest corner of Park Garden Road and Park Garden Lane, known as Foxwood Estates. The commission approved annexation and subdivision of the property, assigning R-1 single family suburban zoning, in October 2008.

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The subdivision was approved with 14 lots and an access easement for the purpose of a private drive through the development, according to the staff report. The property owner is now requesting that the property be rezoned as a planned unit development to enable oversized lots that will accommodate large attached garages, as well as large detached garages for storage of things like RVs, ATVs, boats, etc.

Since the intent of the rezoning is for large residential lots and larger garages, there are several uses that are allowed in an R-1 zoning that staff recommend prohibiting in this PUD: agriculture, horticulture, nursery; convenience sales; contractor yard type I; agriculture, livestock; private stable/barn; roadside farmer’s market.

Those restrictions will help limit the impact on the neighboring single family residential uses and keeps the character of the subdivision consistent with the surrounding area, according to the staff report.

The request also includes an amended plat to aggregate the 14 existing lots into seven lots and vacate the access easement for Den Drive, the private drive that was proposed for the original subdivision.

The other proposed PUD will be considered on a first reading and the commission will likely set the public hearing for Sept. 5.

The property is near 13th Avenue South and 47th Street South and was annexed as East Ridge Addition, Phase 5, Block 2, Lot 2. Upon annexation, the property was zoned R-2 single-family medium density zoning, but due to limited access to Lot 2, development hasn’t happened.

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This request would amend the plat and another parcel would be annexed for right of way for the extension of 13th Avenue South to the intersection of 47th Street South. The road would provide legal access to the proposed amended plat, paved access to the city’s lift station abutting to the south and to provide for future connectivity to parcels to the east, according to the staff report.

The applicant is proposing to create 10 lots for two-unit townhomes. The proposed development standards for the PUD have underlying R-2 Single-family medium density development standards and will be compatible with adjacent neighborhoods to the north and west, according to city planning staff.