City Commission set to vote on several housing development projects

The agenda for Tuesday’s City Commission meeting includes several housing development proposal.

The first is for a proposed residential duplex at the corner of 50th Street South and 3rd Avenue South.

The applicant has requested a conditional use permit to allow the duplex since the property is zoned as R-3 single-family high density, but the zoning code allows for a
“two family residence” with a conditional use permit.



The second proposal relates to a property previously annexed and zoned R-2 single-family medium density. The property is located in the area of 13th Avenue South and 47th Street South. Limited access to the lot and prevented development in the lot, according to a staff report.

The proposal for the July 18 meeting is to amend the plat. At the final plat stage, the commission will also consider annexing another piece of property to create a right of way for 13th Avenue South to the intersection of 47th Street South.

The purpose is to provide legal access to the proposed lots  and provide paved access to the city’s lift station to the south and provide for future connectivity to parcels to the east, according to the staff report.

13th avenue south annexation.JPG

The property is currently about 40,395 square feet, zoned R-2 and the applicant is planning to create 10 lots with 2-unit townhomes. To do so will require rezoning to a planned unit development.

The zoning code allows for townhomes in the R-2 zoning district with a conditional use permit as long as each building has three to eight attached units, along with other special conditions. There are several other recently approved developments in the city in which PUD zoning was used to create 2-unit townhomes, according to the staff report.

The third proposal is from 3400 Central Church Building, Inc. to annex and zone a property at the end of Central Avenue to build a worship facility.

The property is 27 acres at the end of Central Avenue and bordered by 46th Street South.

church development.JPG

For the July 18 meeting, the commission will only consider the preliminary plat. They’ll consider the annexation and zoning for a first reading on Aug. 1 and a public hearing on Sept. 5.

The proposal is to construct a Church of Christ. The applicant has been working with a local builder on a plan to build residential quadplexes on part of the property. The proposal is for 15 lots for the structures making a total of 60 units.

The recommended zoning is R-5 to accommodate the quadplexes and a conditional use permit would be needed for the church, according to the staff report.