Sunday Reads: Sept. 17

This week’s reading list. Here’s to a great week Great Falls.

Associated Press: Teacher absences forcing Vegas-area school closures deemed an illegal strike, judge finds

Vox: A bold new federal experiment in giving renters cash

PBS NewsHour: Biden administration restores power of states, Native American tribes to block projects that endanger waterways

The Economist: In America, lots of usable organs go unrecovered or get binned

Reuters: Walmart sued by US agency over test that screened out disabled workers

The Atlantic: How did an ineffective cold medication get so popular?

Wired: Insiders reveal major problems at lab-grown-meat startup upside foods

The Atlantic: How Montana performed a housing miracle

Delaware Public Media: A pilot program aimed at supporting mothers and babies is showing significant success

The Washington Post: Hurricane Idalia may have diverted flamingos to unusual U.S. states

The Economist: Why aren’t more people being sacked?

The New York Times: Taylor Swift and Beyoncé get their own press corps

Eater: How the farm egg and its yolk became unlikely fetish objects

Alabama Reflector: The Fee Trap: Why Alabama’s local governments can’t shake fines and charges

KFF Health News: As more patients email doctors, health systems start charging fees

Associated Press: California regulators propose higher rates for PG&E customers to reduce wildfire risk

The Washington Post: opinion: What’s lost when the New York Times sports section goes away

The Washington Post: Many men think about Roman Empire frequently, TikTok trend shows. Why?