GFPS operating normally in cold weather, buses not running Dec. 22

Updated noon Dec. 21

Great Falls Public Schools officials are monitoring weather conditions and schools will remain open as normal on Dec. 21-22.

“Our buildings are warm and students will be well cared for by their teachers and staff. Due to the colder temperatures, there may be some bussing delays to and from school,” according to GFPS.

Buses will not be running Dec. 22 for GFPS.

“Our schools will be open for those students who can safely get to and from school. Our school buildings are warm and students who come to school will be well cared for by our staff during the regular school’s hours of operation,” according to GFPS.

The National Weather Service in Great Falls is forecasting extreme cold with frigid wind chills on Wednesday and Thursday.

GFPS said:

  • Please dress students appropriately for cold weather with sweaters, pants, winter coats, hats, scarves, socks and boots. Even when on a bus, the bus may not heat well in extreme cold. While unlikely, the bus may break down or get stuck. If your family needs assistance with cold weather attire, talk to your student’s principal.
  •  Allow extra travel time to get to the bus stop or school. In bad weather, expect the bus to run late and be prepared for this event. If possible, wait at the bus stop with your child until the bus arrives. Students need the ability to get out of the elements in the event the bus is late. Make a plan for your child should the bus not come.

Parents should watch GFPS emergency messages regarding delayed or canceled busses or other emergency updates.

“Parents, you have the right and responsibility to make good attendance decisions for your children based on your individual circumstances. If you feel, due to the weather conditions, you don’t want to send your child to school, please call your child’s school and inform them you will be keeping your child home. The absence will be excused according to your request,” according to GFPS.

View the GFPS cold weather protocols here.