Sunday Reads: April 4

Happy Easter everyone, enjoy the weather and the weekend.

Associated Press: U.S. hunger crisis persists, especially for kids, older adults

Gallup: U.S. church membership falls below majority for first time

Poynter: Production of print newspapers is migrating — up the interstate — with ever earlier deadlines as a result

Associated Press: Ancient coins may solve mystery of murderous 1600s pirate

The New York Times: Americans are on a shopping spree. These workers are overwhelmed.

The Wall Street Journal: Drivers are returning to the road. That is good news for corn growers.

The Washington Post: Black-owned distilleries are breaking barriers that once surrounded the Kentucky bourbon industry

The New York Times: We have all hit a wall

The Atlantic: Why people keep asking which vaccine you got

The New York Times: How food banks succeeded and what they need now

Associated Press: Can I still spread the coronavirus after I’m vaccinated?

Harvard Gazette: Anthropologists dig into fossilized dental plaque for clues to ancient trade

NPR: How ‘a world without email’ could increase productivity, happiness at work