Sunday Reads: Sept. 13

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Here’s this week’s reading list.

Vice: If you’re already dreading winter, here are some small ways to prepare now

Huffington Post: Chef Claudette Zepeda: It’s ‘Demoralizing’ Having To Justify The Value Of Mexican Food

The New York Times: Fighting Patriarchy, and Fearing Worse From the Taliban

LA Magazine: The DMV Reviewed Thousands of Hilarious Vanity Plate Applications Last Year. These Are Our Favorites

Axios: The coronavirus and a $12 billion motorcycle rally

The Atlantic: Generation Work-From-Home May Never Recover

City-Journal: The darn side of remote work

NPR: The pandemic has researchers worried about teen suicide

Associated Press: Teacher deaths raise alarms as new school year begins

Bloomberg: Americans stayed inside even as cities and states reopened

The Atlantic: What did college leaders think was going to happen?

CNBC: Cold weather brings new fears for struggling restaurant owners

The New York Times: How the coronavirus attacks the brain

The Hill: Facui warns U.S. needs to ‘hunker down’ for fall, winter: ‘It’s not going to be easy’

The New York Times: The state fair is canceled. Deep fried Oreos are not.

Associated Press: U.S. wholesale prices rise 0.3 percent in August as food costs drop

Associated Press: Scarcity of raw material still squeezed N95 mask makers

Vice: What happened to all those mystery seeds from China?

Reuters: How Covid-19 swept the Brazilian slaughterhouses of JBS

ProPublica: The Climate Crisis Is Happening Right Now. Just Look at California’s Weekend.

Kaiser Health News: What Is the Risk of Catching the Coronavirus on a Plane?