Former public defender charged with stalking client

A former public defender has been charged with stalking in Municipal Court.

Anthony Platt was charged and arrested July 24.

He appeared in Municipal Court on July 27 and his bond was set at $5,000, according to court records. He was released from jail at 2:55 p.m. on July 27 after spending two days and 22 hours in jail, according to the Cascade County Attorney’s Office.

Matt McKittrick, regional deputy public defender in the Great Falls office of the state public defenders office, told The Electric that Platt was no longer employed in the public defenders office, but couldn’t comment further on a personnel issue.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the Great Falls Police Department was notified on July 21 of a situation in which Platt, a public defender, was assigned to a case with an adult female whose child had been removed by the Department of Public Health and Human Services.

Platt was representing the woman in the youth in need of care proceedings and “it appeared Platt was in, or attempting to be in, a romantic relationship” with the woman, whose name is redacted from the document.

On July 22, someone connected to the case, whose name is also redacted, reviewed text messages from Platt and the woman had told a case worker that she felt Platt wasn’t working her case, “dismissing her ideas and was only concerned about being with her. Platt had told her that he wants to be with her, leave his wife and kids, showed up at her residence several times, and was calling and texting her constantly,” according to the court documents.

According to the charging document, Platt was assigned to the woman’s case in April and gave her his personal cell number and had her use his personal email for contact.

In early July, he showed up at her house and she answered the door but left when her fiance stepped around the corner. She told investigators that she hadn’t provided him with her home address and thought he got it from her public defender application.

The woman had a mental health episode and was in the hospital when Platt called her room phone but but she didn’t know how he knew she was there, she told investigators.

Shortly after she was released, he showed up at her house again, then continued to call and text every day and later flowers showed up at her house again.

Officials wrote in the charging document that the woman “was shaky and jumpy when speaking” and told investigators that “this has caused her to lose sleep, constantly look over her shoulder and fear for losing her case with her child.”

According to the charging document, investigators interviewed Platt on July 22 during which he corroborated the woman’s statements, “but characterized his behavior as ‘aggressive courting’ rather than stalking.”